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Why 95% of Dropshippers Fail in Dropshipping

Dropshipping as it’s seems very lucrative but there are many challenges that a new drop shipper faces during his journey. There are certain key points that many Dropshippers fail to address because of this they could not succeed in the drop shipping business. 

In this article, I will address all those points because of which 95% of Dropshippers fail in their drop shipping journey.

Reason why 95% of Dropshippers Fail in Dropshipping

By the time you finish this article, you’ll realize that you’re not getting any sales, simply because you’ve been putting your sole focus on one step or the other, but to get to the pot of gold, you guys need to utilize every single step in harmony. That’s why I’m here to help you guys fix the issue.

So lets get started!

Step 1: Wrong Product Selection

Let’s start with the first step in this Dropship ladder, product selection. This is square one basics without a good product you will not make any sales even if your website is good and you run decent ads. 

I have myself done this mistake in the beginning, I sold products with no Wow factor, which means it won’t end up becoming profitable. This step is so simple yet complex.

Many people mess up with picking the actual product and end up just trying to push a dud. It doesn’t work like that. Some great strategies for finding products would be like searching up “I want it” because there are a lot of trends that use that text in the video and then, you can also search up stuff, like, “Get yours now” or “Get yours here” or “Get yours below” etc.

Like, that’s basically finding hashtags that people are putting in the videos to go viral organically with products. You can end up going and reverse engineering that to then find some really cool products on TikTok. I personally use them quite often to find active ads for Facebook and Pinterest and TikTok and just see what people are selling. 

Identifying a Potential Winner

Maybe I find a really good product on this platform. Now, those key points were extremely important, but the best thing you should do to avoid the problem of picking bad products is to define some set of criteria for product selection.

To give you an example of a winning product look at this automatic hair curler. Now, this product sold really well because it’s solved a problem. A lot of girls wanted to do their hair quickly but they couldn’t do it or maybe didn’t have time to do it at their house, maybe they wanted to do it on the way to work. 

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Another product is this little portable blender bottle. This one did extremely well with TikTok ads just because of the wow factor and the proof of concept. Well, I want to actually dig a little deeper into this product just to show you guys can actually understand why it was a winner and hopefully it’ll help you guys find winners in the future.

WOW factor is a crucial part of the whole buying process because when customers see that it’s a super shocking product, it allows these potential customers to impulse buy and removes most of the friction that usually comes along when people are trying to buy stuff online.

On top of that, if you consider selling the portable blender bottle, you must know that because companies like blend jet have already sold this product for a while and it may be over saturated. But still many dropsippers has sold such blenders and made over $100k. This shows that there is always a market and there is nothing called saturation. Blend jets, were kind of old and outdated, you can sell new and improved version of same product because people like to upgrades. Blendjet wasn’t even the company that released this product. It was just a among a ton of other people selling it and dropshipping. 

Important Points Light Box

So always check if any other products that have sold well, maybe there’s a new modern version and updated version available. Give it a shot because it definitely could work and it could be a complete blue ocean. It’s comparable to fishing in a lake that never gets fished in. Same thing here, people have just not seen a product like this and so it shocked them and they instantly purchased.

You should always be thinking of the why? When you’re picking a product, why would someone trade their hard-earned money for your specific product? The answer is value. If your product is less valuable than the actual money, they’re gonna be spending, you will not go far for a crucial reason.

The products like hair curlers and fruit blenders actually did well because people can justify the dollar price tag on these products that were being sold. So if you try to sell a product for $50, that is not in demand and that people can’t justify buying, then it most likely just won’t work out. Drilling in your product and your offer alone will make you a lot more likely to succeed with drop shipping.

Combining with this next point in the ladder and you will be swimming in cash in no time.

2. Loose Momentum and Frequency

What is it frequency? Let me explain. Now people preach all the time about how much money you can make dropshipping and how it’s so simple. How many products you actually need to test to finally get your winning product? That’s a great question.

Now, what’s the secret? 

Test Like a Mad Scientist!

You see, most people test a product or two with dropshipping and then they throw in the towel and just give I had to test over 25 products with TikTok ads until I was able to actually find a product that made me some good money. You should aim to test around 25 products before you go and think of even adjusting your strategy, This will give you a surreal amount of data and information as to which products were good for bad. And will allow you to then navigate and start to find out what products were good. And hey, at 25 products, you may even find a winner. Now that alone will help you sol. Most of your issues with drop shipping, not with your life overall. That’s, I’m not a therapist. But arrow with the next step in this ladder and you will be on your way to greatness. Now, what is it? Your actual store design itself? Shoppers online have become very skeptical of a majority of the websites. They see on social media.

3. Choose Wrong Ad Platform

When I started drop shipping with TikTok ads, I knew nothing about the platform and treated it just like it was Facebook ads and I was wrong. I tested different ad strategies, tons of different products and website structures until finally, I found this system to consistently pumped out winning products. 

Choosing the right platform to advertise is extremely important. If your ad is on the wrong platform and spends all your money to get like one sale and then you just be completely depressed. 


4. Think it as a Get Rich quick Scheme

Just because so many people are starting up, drop shipping stores selling products on their website and never, even sending out the product to their customer. Now, this puts a ton of pressure on us, drop shippers. 

Never ever treat Dropshipping as a way to get rich quick, you will end up being into the 95% people list. 

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5. Do not focus on building a Trusted Store

We have to go the extra mile, just to convince our customers that we’re not going to rip them off and take their money and just never fulfill the orders.  And how do you actually make a trusted website that will generate you sales? Don’t over complicate your site with a million different apps. Keep it nice and simple and this try not to make it anything where your customers are gonna get very distracted. You’ll need a really good logo.

High-quality lifestyle images for the product page and an extremely detailed product description, to essentially tell the customer, what the product is and why they needed an ex what they’re getting should also have a lot of reviews on your product page. Rather have too many them not enough. Because if you don’t have enough, people won’t trust your website. 

And you want to remove all the friction as possible. Complaints, that customers will have when going through the buying process.

6. Do not Introspect/Cross Check

Now, you want to just keep trust in mind through the whole process of building out your Shopify store, you should ask yourself, does my site looks sketchy? Is my brand name and my brand logo, credible and trustworthy?

Why should they buy from me? Is my offer too good to pass up? Is my description Good enough to actually convert the traffic into purchases and is my product description actually good enough to convert people to actually purchase product? 

These are all things you should be thinking because you want to make the best website possible. Also, a good theme. 

7. Do not stick to a single testing strategy

The next step is Marketing. The ad platform, you’re gonna run ads on the video out, you’re using and the ads strategies themselves. This is all stuff. 

Definitely stick with TikTok ads. At least for now, they’re super easy to understand for beginners. Not any page score, which that’s a ton of complicated stuff.

There’s some amazing ag strategies that can allow you to make some pretty ridiculous money if you find a good product. Now, the structure essentially is, we’re gonna be running TikTok ad towards your mobile optimized website, and having five to ten really good videos of your product ready to go for ads, then you’ll just want to set up a campaign with five ad groups. Each ad group has 20 bucks per day as their budget. This will total out to $100 total spends and let those rip. And that’s pretty much the structure. 

Just make sure you use the video ads and you will be good to go. And that’s deeper form starts to increase the budgets duplicate campaigns and just overall force more spend into your ads so that way you can hopefully make more sales. 

8. No Money left for Advertising

Some of you guys don’t have money to invest in ads. So what is the next best option that you guys can still run with TikTok organic? Essentially, you can just film videos of yourself with the product or showing off the product and hope to go viral and in turn convert these views into money. Sending them directly to your Shopify store saying, hey, go by the product link in bio.

The key to going viral organically with TikTok is to test tons of different styles of content until you find one that really works for you. And then just doubling down on that. Add that together with a broad and shocking product.

9. Fails to understand the basic Principle of Dropshipping

 The important thing to be aware of is that not every single product you guys test is going to be a winner. It’s just not how the game works. Make sure you guys take notes on every single win and loss you have.

Now if you guys do all this stuff I just mentioned and apply it to this next point I can promise you guys that the chances of you hitting your first thousand-dollar day will be a lot more likely. 

10. Overthink and Do not take Action

To combine all of these points together and take mass actions on the drop shipping ladder, you need motivation. We do just need a cover briefly because it holds such a large percentage of dropshippers back, a ton of people overthink their product, their product price, their website, their ads, everything and I’ve been there.

However, if you only read books on how to play cricket and never go out and actually hit the ball, do you think you’ll become a skilled player?

The same principle will apply with drop shipping, so just do not let your mind hold you back from just taking action daily and consistently. Now, let’s be real here. Most of you guys know you need to actually run ads and market your product, to make sales, a lot of your beliefs and need for perfection is what actually is holding you back from doing very well with this business model.

When I first got started were very bad, the products I picked were bad, the ads I ran were bad and that’s all fine. You have to again, and go through the motions and test stuff out and learn as you go. It’s not like a pilot takes off and it’s exactly spot on. With his whole trip, he has to navigate as he goes. Same thing with you guys and when you’re doing drop shipping no one’s a pro when they start out. So now that you guys have learned the ladder to success with drop shipping time, you go climate and start now also subscribe for more content like the video and other notes pace.

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