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The next app that I really recommend for new entrepreneurs is called Postscript. Postscript is an SMS app and the team is fantastic there. They really help with compliance and making sure that you are compliant before using SMS marketing. SMS marketing is very underutilized within E-commerce. SMS can receive over 95% open rate compared to something like 10% in email and a 35% click-through rate, which is absolutely huge. The only downside is that it’s really important to become compliant. You need to make sure that people opt in specifically for text message marketing and also make sure that your terms and services are up to date.

Your alternative to Postscript is SMSBump.


The next app that I absolutely love is an upsell app called Rebuy. Post-purchase upsells are incredibly important and often overlooked by new entrepreneurs. Firstly, let me explain what a post-purchase one-click upsell is. After a user purchases your product, they will then be redirected to a new screen. This new screen generally has an offer for a discounted product. Even if people do not accept this offer, the original purchaser that they make will still go through, which is really important because there won’t be any actual drop-off.

Any additional revenue that you can make through this offer is just a bonus. Why this is really powerful is because you’ve already acquired that customer. So, your acquisition cost on these extra purchases is zero. Pair that with the fact that the customer already has a courier cost going to that that this new product can just be added onto, which is marginally cheaper.

Upsells are used everywhere. All of the major E-commerce players focus heavily on their funnels. Some of them have up to five post-purchase upsells to make sure that for every order, they get as much money from it as possible.

Let’s say, for example, we sell one product for $50 and it costs $20 to acquire the customer. We’ve got a $30 profit margin there. But then, the product actually costs $10 and the courier cost as well is $10. So we have only $10 profit. If we were to then offer them an upsell of the same product at $40 more. So, they get a $10 discount on the original product. So, basically, they’re buying two products for $90, and then we become super profitable on that order. We will make a profit of $40 in total as we saved the extra $20 because we have no customer acquisition cost on that second order.

Rebuy offers a lot of other tools that you can use such as AI merchandising. They also offer order bumps before the customer actually checks out. So, there are a lot of features that you can utilize. Rebuy has three plans. One is $5 a month. However, it’s gonna charge around 10 cents an order as well. There’s also an enterprise plan as well for those people that are doing a lot more volume.

Rebuy allows really highly personalized upsells. The other apps that you can also check out are Zipify and also AfterSell.


The next app that I really recommend is Klaviyo. If you’ve been in e-commerce for a while, you know what Klaviyo is. It’s an email marketing tool. Klaviyo is one of the most robust tools that allows a lot of segmentation and customization of emails.
Email is one of the most important elements of building a brand and ensuring that your traffic converts.
However, the main thing that you need to know is just setting up your basic flows within Klaviyo.
You need to set up your post-purchase acquisition flow, your welcome series, and your abandoned cart.
There are a lot of email marketing tools out there, such as Mailchimp.
However, I strongly recommend avoiding all of them and just using Klaviyo for e-commerce.
Everything in Klaviyo is basically done through the actual Klaviyo URL, but you can still download it
through the app store on Shopify.
There are some negative reviews, but that’s because it’s not a simple app to use. It is quite complex, and that’s why people hire consultants and agencies to do that.


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