How to find profitable dropshipping products?

Here are the most effective strategies for swiftly locating possible profitable dropshipping products that are likely to sell well. These methods can be tested and implemented apart from one another. They are, however, most beneficial when used in tandem.

Product research isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, and every successful dropshipper has their unique approach. This is a rundown of the most popular and effective ways available right now.

Spying on Advertisements

Ads are the first place to look for potential products. To investigate Facebook and Co. and locate high-performing advertising with winning lucrative dropshipping products, some tools and tactics can be utilised.

Filter Facebook ads

The Facebook filter search is a straightforward method for identifying profitable products.

To do so, simply go to Facebook’s search function and type in “ORDER NOW” followed by a photo or video filter. Video advertisements are more effective, and the chances of finding good products are increased. As a result, a list of advertisements with a massive reach has been created.

All of these videos or articles are advertisements for things that can almost all be found on AliExpress or DH Gate. This trick works since these products have been proven to be effective in other stores. It would not be advertised as heavily if this were not the case.

It works incredibly well if a video has over 100K views and several hundred comments. The advertiser would not continue to promote it if this were not the case.

As a result, you obtain products that have already proven to work 99 percent of the time for others, and the likelihood that they will sell in your store is very high, assuming you have mastered the most crucial aspects of promotion and store optimization.

If you don’t trust me, copy the Bitly link from the post and paste it into your browser with a plus sign. This displays all of the statistics as well as the number of times it has been clicked. If the product has been advertised for a longer period of time, you may also monitor if it is still receiving clicks. When a post is older than three months, the market can get saturated, and revenues can plummet significantly.

For example, this watch has been continuously selling well for the past three months, indicating that there is still opportunity to offer this product yourself. According to these figures, the market is not yet saturated.

EXTRA TIP: Visit to create an account and access further information about the shop. This implies you can look for other products that are likely to receive a lot of traffic and hence be successfully advertised. These items can also be “taken” from AliExpress and sold in your own store.

Turbo Ad Finder

The Facebook Ads Feed Hack is tied to the first tip and can be used in conjunction with it. This hack can be deployed in a matter of minutes, and you’ll have access to potentially successful adverts in no time.

To do so, go to the Chrome Store and search for and install the “Turbo Ad Finder” Chrome Extension. This app will then appear in your browser, and you will only need to enable it while on Facebook.

This extension has a very basic function. It just filters Facebook for commercials, so you’ll only see advertisements in your feed and not organic content. So, in a matter of seconds, you get a complete picture of all the adverts you’ve received.

Then, just like in the previous step, you filter out the ads with the most engagement or reach and analyse them for possible AliExpress products.

Of course, you can re-evaluate the Bitly links and then use Similiar Web to investigate the store. This also brings you back to other products that could be of interest.


The Drop point site is another place to look for rich adverts. This technology can then be used to locate the greatest adverts and spy on profitable products. You may use numerous filters to search Facebook for viral advertising and, as a result, identify the items and stores behind them. The complete version, however, requires payment.

Spying on Stores

Another method for locating successful and profitable dropshipping products is to observe them in stores. Most stores haven’t concealed their lists, so you can quickly find the best-selling products with the highest sales volume, according to Shopify.


For Google Chrome, there is once again a very useful plug-in. Intelligynce is a Shopify addon that can search stores for the greatest products and other interesting features.

To sort the products by sales volume, simply add the URL ending /sort by = best-selling and the appropriate Shopify shop to the URL. This isn’t always doable, though.

Dropship Spy

Dropship spy is another efficient approach to spy on other stores and locate profitable products. The tool from the United States allows other retailers to be effectively analysed and gives valuable information on the performance of the competition’s products. It also makes recommendations for AliExpress-based items that could be winners.

This programme is continually scouring the Internet for new trends and potentially profitable products that are already selling well. You can also look at competitive dropshipping stores and search for profitable products. As a result, you’ll always be aware of your immediate competitors, allowing you to steal new items and grow them more quickly.

Searching for the latest fashion trends

Trends, as previously stated, are great for making a lot of money in a short period of time while taking advantage of the initially high margins. That is why it is critical to continuously be on the lookout for new items and trends.

Google Trends is a tool that allows you to see what

Google is a fantastic resource for studying existing trends and discovering new ones. With the information you obtain, you can better predict how long a product will last or how far ahead it will go.

Furthermore, you will receive new ideas and suggestions on developing trends, ensuring that you are always up to date on market developments and movements.

To gain a more worldwide perspective of certain items or industries, you should always check Google Trends. This provides you with a more complete perspective of the problem.


When it comes to trends, Kickstarter is always the first port of call. You can also observe which products are already selling well before they hit the market and which ones aren’t. Time, as previously stated, is the most significant component, particularly when it comes to trends.

Kickstarter is the first place to find out about new trends, and you can get a lot of ideas for things that could be winners. Some of these projects were discovered before the campaign ended. More proof that the product is a winner is impossible to find.

You can now search for this product on AliExpress. However, the chances of locating this product right away are slim. You may need to contact manufacturers of similar products and request that the product be manufactured.

As a result, this strategy is a little more complicated, and the previous alternatives are not as simple to adopt, but it has the potential to make a lot of money. is another website that displays new and fashionable products every day. This page also searches the Internet for popular products and, on occasion, includes links to the corresponding manufacturer’s AliExpress page.

On, you’ll almost certainly find one or more winning products, or at the very least be inspired. Despite the fact that this site is growing increasingly famous, it is still an insider tip for decent products.

Furthermore, the site is free, you may filter by specific categories, and the product variety is extensive.

Dropshipping is, without a doubt, one of the most popular business concepts today. E-commerce has been growing in popularity for years, and the trend seems inexorable. People are buying things online in greater numbers every day.

However, in order to engage in this market, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of it. Especially when it comes to selecting successful products that have a high potential for sales.


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