Glowroad Seller Support Guidelines

Hello Seller, Welcome to Ecomsprint. In this article, we have discussed Glowroad Seller Support Guidelines: How you can reach out to the GlowRoad sellers’ support team if you’re facing an issue with your returns, like the wrong return product. missing from the return package, payment-related issues, courier pickup issues, scanning issues, etc.

IssueIssue raising guideline:
Wrong product returnedIn case of any “wrong return” or “damage” or “partial” in the returned product, you are expected to drop an email at within 3 business days after shipment is returned to you. The claim email should include air waybill, received product images & videos, and relevant order ID, else it will not be considered.   POD request: Needs to be raised within 2 days of return delivery.
Courier pick-up not doneFor all orders that are accepted before 10 am, pickups shall be scheduled the same day. For orders that are accepted post 10 am, pickups shall be completed either the same day or the next day.   In case pick-up doesn’t happen along the said timelines, pls immediately report such cases to along with affected order ids (latest within 48 hours from order receipt)
Courier scanning issueThese are the cases where you will notice that due to the courier partner not scanning the shipment while picking up your order, those orders don’t move to “shipped” status. Ensure that you have taken the courier partner’s signature on the manifest relevant to that order and upload the signed manifest in the Supplier Panel. This is required as a proof of shipment from your end and safeguard you against Auto- cancellation of orders. Support team will be unable to assist in cases where a signed manifest is not uploaded.
Payment related issueAny payment related issue needs to be raised within 7 days of the previous payment cycle to process the case.
Request for vacation modeWhat is vacation mode? This means your products will still be shown to resellers, with an extended SLA for the period you are on vacation.   Request raising criteria: You can raise a request for vacation at least 4 working days before the start date of vacation.   Duration of vacation: Vacation mode can be enabled for 4 or fewer days. Any vacation mode requests for more than 4 days will not be entertained.   You can mark your products out of stock from the supplier panel, and ship the pending orders to avoid penalties in case you wish to proceed on a vacation for more than 4 days.
RTO ShipmentIn case an RTO order returns to you in tempered or open condition, suppliers can ask for open package delivery. If the products belong to the supplier you can accept, if not take the images & video of received products & drop an email at within 48 hours & reject the shipment.


Please note: All returned orders on Glowrod will attract reverse shipping charges


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