How to find a TikTok Organic Winning Product

Manually looking for products on the social network is the standard TikTok product search technique. This approach could appear laborious and time-consuming. However, many online sellers or Dropshipper still utilize it to identify popular products on TikTok. evidence that it still functions.

In fact, TikTok video makers heavily rely on hashtags to broaden the audience for their uploads. Therefore, searching for these hashtags is the easiest approach to uncover posts or product adverts on TikTok.


Best way to Find products for TikTok Organic

Step 1: Search Tiktok Made Me Buy It and filter the videos to the most popular/most engaged of the week. You want to do this, to weed out all of the saturated and old products.

Step 2: Click on all the top video products that you notice and see how many views they are getting, monitor their engagement levels, see if they have a functioning store, and see if they are still uploading consistently and frequently. (you want to do this, because, if they are still posting and have positive engagement, odds are they are generating sales.

Step 3: You want to search for videos preferably that have hit over 1 million views and under 10 million because that leaves plenty of room for you to come in. videos with hundreds of thousands are also a sweet spot.

How to create organic content that will go viral

Step 1: Replicate your competitor’s most viral video

Step 2: Introduce trending sounds and hashtags to your content

Step 3: Camera quality must be decent

Step 4: remake sounds and focuses on creating good satisfying sounds

Step 5: Keep your videos at a good pace

Mistakes to avoid on TikTok Organic

  • Avoid engaging with your account
  • Avoid stealing other people’s content
  • Avoid buying Followers
  • Avoid being Inconsistent
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How To Analyze Your Content/Account

  • Your account should be growing .
  • Views should be at least over 200 in the first 48 hours.
  • Your followers should be growing
  • Like the view, the ratio should be no higher than a 1/50
  • Your comments should be positive It takes 2 weeks, sometimes more of uploading every day to really hit the algorithm and go viral. It takes time. Always be consistent and keep testing products out.

How did Saeed & Oscar Go Viral and generate close to 10K in 24 hours?

They were scrolling through the TikTok timeline when they noticed a decent-sized account growing pretty quickly. They have seen this product in the past and after they realized just how fast this account was growing and how positive the comments were, we knew we had to do it.

They also knew based on the product that it fits a few criteria for when we decide to test a product out.

The product had a major wow factor.

The product had high-profit margins, the product was great for Xmas shopping and gifting.

We both made two accounts and began testing right away. On the first day, Oscar and I uploaded 5-6’videos on both accounts. We replicated our competitors’ most viral videos as well as recreated our own videos.

We used trending hashtags and used about 3 hashtags,2 broad and 1 product related.

After 3 days in, overnight My account went viral passing 1 milion views, and the sales started rolling in. Oscars account picked up hours later and around 4-9pm pacific time, our videos combined had hit past 5 mllion views in under 24 hours. We had already surpassed 5k at that point. Before we knew it, we hit 8K the following day and we woke up to over 1k in sales the next day. We are currently siting at just over 14K, 72 hours in.

Adspy tools are spy tools that use their potent algorithms to gather every advertisement posted on social media. These advertisements are kept in a database that is updated every day.

You will encounter various sorts of adverts because these algorithms collect all ads. You will be responsible for filtering these adverts to ensure that you only view ones that are relevant to dropshipping or e-commerce products.

Every Adspy tool has filters that let you customise the search results to suit your needs.

In conclusion, using Adspy tools is significantly simpler. You may greatly increase your productivity and save a tonne of time by subscribing for just a few dollar per month.

There are numerous Adspy tools available. But hardly anyone monitors the TikTok social network. Minea is undoubtedly the best app I can suggest for assisting you in discovering profitable TikTok items.

Minea continues to be the most comprehensive Adspy tool with a huge range of functionality, much like its rival Dropispy, which focuses on spying on Facebook.

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