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How to get FREE sales using Facebook

The fastest way to grow your store sales now is to market on social media. The great thing is that you don’t have to use the other platforms if you can just advertise on Facebook really well. There are lots of ways to drive new customers to you that require money such as paid ads on Facebook and your local TV channel and print advertisements. However, this article is solely focused on Free and Easy methods of Facebook marketing strategies.


The strategies that we are learn are building a strong fan base, sharing great content, hosting contests and events and collaborating with other professionals, etc.

1. Building a Fan Base

This practice is a fantastic way to start spreading the word that you are “online”. Train your staffs to remind clients to like your page on Facebook (and other social media platforms like Instagram). Once you start getting those first likes, here are some ideas for encouraging more fan growth. 

  • Feature a fan of the month
  • Advertise your Facebook page in your office
  • Ask questions of your fans on your page
  • Ask fans to share content
  • Ask fans to share your posts
  • Ask fans what their biggest challenge is
facebook free marketing ideas

The trick to successful FREE Facebook marketing is to get your loyal clients to engage with your page and share it so that their friends and family can also engage and share. You want to establish trust with your clients so that they will refer people to you. Don’t forget to ask other professionals to check out your page and kindly return the favor.

The idea is to Network, Network, Nwtwork!

2. Sharing Relevant Content

Sharing things on your page that can educate or inform your fans and clients is a really a solid way to grow your business. If you want to get REALLY fancy, you can start a blog to share your content, but there is enough free content out there that you certainly do not have to start a blog to share stuff your clients will love.

A few ways to share content include:

  • Sharing link of articles, videos or resources that are relevant to your practice
  • Offering a fan contest for sharing
  • Reward fans for sharing your page or content
  • Reward fans for tagging your business or checking in
  • Ask clients to share your page
  • Consider starting a blog to promote

While cat memes and recipes are very entertaining, try to streamline your content to promote health and wellness related to your practice. You want to be known for something; make sure it’s the right thing!

The idea is to stay relevant.

3. Hosting Contests and Events

Hosting contests on Facebook is one of the most fun ways to market new products. Not only is its fun for you, but your clients and Facebook fans will get to see a less serious side of your business. Some really fun types of contests to host on Facebook are:

  • Sponsor a contest for a charity
  • Award a prize to fans who share
  • Issue a fan challenge
  • Hold a favorite things contest
  • Hold a joint contest with another business
  • Share the contests across all your platforms

Everyone loves to win something! Whether it’s a free adjustment, branded tumbler or a gift card there are thousands of prizes you can use to encourage fan engagement that don’t cost much money at all. 

Events are a great companion to contests. Do you know 6 ways to relieve headaches that your client could do from home? Write a short book about it! You paid a lot for your education, make that education pay you now! Writing eBooks is an easy way to take your practice to the next level.

  • Debut a product launch
  • Throw an online party
  • Stream a panel webinar
  • Host a scavenger hunt

4. Collaborating with Influencers and Professionals

This is probably one of the scariest ways to grow your practice, especially if you’re shy. However, teaming up with other influencers & professionals can help you grow faster than any other marketing technique. Joining forces on Facebook is like a triple threat and it’s as simple as asking! A few ways to collaborate with other professionals include:

  • Guest posting on their pages (with permission of course)
  • Review colleague’s products
  • Host a panel chat (Facebook Live is a great way to do this!)
  • Offer joint contests and giveaways
  • Use featured links
  • Host a blog tour
  • Offer coupons for services

When you collaborate with other influencers who have established client bases, they are in not so many words, telling their clients that they can trust.

5. Schedule Your Posts

When you are first getting started it can seem really overwhelming deciding what to post or share on Facebook to get clients and fans engaging and following your practice online. So, to eliminate the guesswork here is a sample posting schedule that you can use to get started:


Humor – Share a funny comic, meme or quote


Interaction – Ask a question, share a photo contest or quiz or post a fill-in-the-blank sentence 


Current News – Share POSITIVE news about your business, your industry or communit y.


Giving Back – feature customers, launch a giveaway, offer a coupon or discount


Day in the Life – share candid photos from your office, or feature an employee.


Education – Talk about your products and services, or teach them something they can do from home. 


Big Ideas – Share expert advice or a quote

You now have everything you need to get started growing your client base for free using Facebook. The most successful Chiropractors are killing it simply by engaging the followers on social media. More fans = more referrals!


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