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How to set up a profitable novelty coffee mugs business online?

In this article, I will lay out the steps to start your own business selling novelty coffee mugs online. I decided to put this trai together because well I always told myself that once i’d sold a million dollars worth of mugs i would put a course together to show others how to do it and here we are so today i’m going to take you behind the scenes and show you exactly how i do it it doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to online business and you’ve never made a cent before or if you’re a seasoned marketer just looking for another stream of income no matter where you live or what situation you’re in right now if you’re looking for a way to make money working from home selling products people love without really having to sell them at all then you’re in the right place i’m going to teach you how to do this by showing you exactly how i have sold one million fifty eight thousand six hundred and nine dollars and counting worth of mugs without ever actually having to touch a mug myself yup no printing no packing no shipping to worry about that’s all taken care of if you follow my system all you have to do is create the product listings let people buy them and then bank the profits it couldn’t be simpler there are three things i want to cover today the first is that i want you to understand this business and how it works so i’m going to walk you through the entire process from coming up with a design creating your product pages selling it getting paid and then getting it made and shipped out to your customers secondly i want to show you irrefutable proof that this method works now sure i could show you some screenshots of my sales but we all know that screenshots can be faked so i don’t want you to just take my word for it i want to show you how to prove it to yourself and finally if you stick around until the very end of this training i will show you how you can get started right now as in today get your store up and running and start making money so why this why now the world today is a rapidly changing place we all know that the jobs we once thought were secure are disappearing left right and center people are looking for alternative ways to make an income and while a lot of industries are currently struggling there is no doubt that e-commerce and online shopping are not going anywhere anytime soon in the first half of 2020 online shopping sales grew by 30 from 266 billion to 347 billion dollars it’s a huge market and right now it’s still in its early stages of development in fact i recently spoke to the ceo of one of the companies that i used to print and ship my mugs for me and he told me that they were currently printing and shipping up to 10 000 coffee mugs per day this is just one company that i know of and there are dozens of others out there just like them and even much bigger ones so a conservative estimate would be that altogether these companies are probably currently shipping about one and a half million mugs per month at an average price of twenty dollars that’s 30 million dollars a month in mug sales and today i’m going to show you exactly how you can carve out a slice of that 30 million a month pie for yourself before we get into the training i just want to take a minute to address the question that might be in the back of your mind who am i and why should you listen to me it’s an important question and while i don’t want to spend too much time talking about myself i do think that it’s important to know where i’m coming from and whether or not i’m someone you want to listen to or not so i started working online about 20 years ago and in that time i’ve learned and used a lot of different strategies to earn money from running pay-per-click ads for fortune 500 companies to building my own websites and selling them for six or seven figure sums then selling over 10 million dollars worth of products on amazon before getting into running e-commerce stores which led me into the novelty coffee mug market where i’ve now sold over a million dollars worth of mugs i’m a strong believer in having multiple streams of income and i’m always looking for ways to improve what i’m already doing as well as to grow and move forward which brings us to now over the last year or so i’ve refined my system and that is what i’m going to be sharing with you today so now that you know a little about me is this material and training session going to be useful and relevant to you well tell me if any of this sounds familiar you’ve been trying to build an online business for some time but just can’t get anything off the ground or maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad who wants to contribute and earn some money while still being able to look after your family or maybe you’ve been affected by recent shutdowns or layoffs and you’re looking for something new to generate an income or maybe you work full-time or part-time and just want something else or maybe you’re just out of college or even retired and you’re looking for a way to generate some income from home well today i will show you exactly how you can do it now with all that being said i do have some necessary evils i need to mention before we dive into the content the business i’m going to share with you today is just that a real business and all businesses are different and suit different people so here’s who this business is not for firstly it’s not some do nothing get rich quick scam so if you’re looking for some kind of miracle sales gimmick that will just magically make you rich i’m sorry to say that you certainly will not find that here nor anywhere else for that matter i’m going to teach you how to build an actual business online but it will take some effort on your part nothing worthwhile comes without putting in some kind of effort so if you’re not prepared to do that then i suggest you close this page down right now and go and do something else ultimately the only way we get what we want in life is to help others get what they want so if you do not have a sincere desire to build something real and deliver value to your customers then this probably isn’t going to work for you now i mentioned that i’ve sold over a million dollars worth of mugs and there are thousands of other people out there doing much bigger numbers and smaller numbers than me but it needs to be said that my results and the results of others that i mentioned throughout this video are not typical i do not guarantee or make any promises about what level of income if any you will generate if you follow this method everyone is different and everyone will experience different results it is possible that some of you may surpass the levels of income that i talk about here today and if you do good for you but there’s also no doubt that others who will give it a go won’t make anywhere near these numbers or maybe even nothing at all look any business online or not that is worth building takes time and effort to get started i mean people spend their entire lives working a job to make fifty to sixty thousand a year and we’re talking about the possibility of making that kind of income or more working from home in just one to two hours a day now i can provide you with a massive shortcut by showing you what has worked for me but ultimately you will have to put in the work learn the business and be responsible for your own success or failure so if you’re still with me after that let’s dive in and get to work before we get into the step-by-step stuff i think it’s important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of what a successful ecommerce business looks like when i first started trying to build an econ business i listened to all the gurus and i tried to do what they were saying which was to set up a store add a bunch of cheap products drop shipped from china and run ads to get people to buy these products and while i followed all those steps and i gave it a go i never really had much success with it i think the main reason was because i just didn’t believe in the business i personally hated the idea of selling cheap crappy products marked up by 400 percent drop shipped straight out of the suppliers warehouse in china to my customers i even ordered a couple of the mugs myself and had them shipped to my home address and let’s just say i was less than impressed with the products when they arrived all i could think was what would my customers think when they took delivery of these packages would they be happy i asked myself would i be happy if i paid 30 for a gold bracelet and then it arrived stuffed into a tiny envelope shipped from china and then when i open it up the invoice says it’s worth 3.50 no i’d be pissed off and i would either complain to the website i bought it from or just simply never shop with them again it was those thoughts that i think held me back for a long time i don’t want to be ashamed or embarrassed about the products i sell i want to be proud of the products i’m selling people i want my customers to be happy when they receive the product and i want them to come back and buy from me again and again i tried a bunch of different products and different suppliers different sales methods and offers but what the gurus were teaching just didn’t work for me and it just felt wrong if you’ve ever tried this type of ecommerce business you might have felt the same way as i mentioned earlier i also sold products on amazon for a while and we had some success there but the problem was again the products we were selling were nothing special we bought them in bulk from china slapped a logo on it and sold it but as time went on more and more people started selling the exact same products just with a different logo and our margins got tighter and tighter until there was just no profit left in it so i set off in search of a different type of business i put together a list of what attributes the perfect e-commerce business would need to have one it would need to have products that i’m proud to sell two i would need to add value in some way so not just mark up a product that i’ve bought from someone else there needs to be something unique there that nobody else has three there needs to be people who want to buy the products i don’t want to spend my time trying to convince people that they want or need my product i just want to offer it to them if they want it great if they don’t that’s fine too four it needs to be scalable it’s no use selling something that only a handful of people in the world want to buy there needs to be a big enough market to make a decent amount of money from it and five i want a simple way to fulfill the orders once they do start coming in i don’t want to be personally making and printing hundreds of coffee mugs in my garage i got into this business for the lifestyle not to end up a slave to the business so with those five things in mind i set out to find a business plan that would suit what i wanted in an online business i tried a lot of different models some were successful in some areas but not others some of the things i tried just didn’t work at all but eventually i found things that worked with one method and bits that worked from another and i kind of put them together to form a unique approach that i’ve never seen anyone else doing they covered all five attributes that we just talked about once i figured all this stuff out i actually really started to enjoy the work i was doing there i say it it actually became fun people started buying my mugs started sending me unsolicited photos of them using the mugs they just love the products a lot were given as gifts some of them funny some of them serious sometimes i would get orders for 10 or 20 mugs at a time from small businesses or for wedding parties and things those orders are the best overall people love the products and as sales started to come in i started designing more mugs the more mugs i added the more sales that would come in and don’t even get me started on the christmas rush the two months leading up to christmas is the absolute best time to be in this type of business last year i was selling up to 250 mugs or about five thousand dollars a day in that time so no matter what you do make sure you have everything set up and ready to take orders for christmas i guarantee it’ll be the best christmas you’ve ever had okay now that we have that covered let’s get into the step-by-step of how you can actually build this business for yourself so what we want to do is come up with designs just like these using text images or a combination of both and put it on a coffee mug next we set up an account over at and we list our mug for sale etsy is one of the world’s biggest marketplaces for people looking for gifts and our cute funny or quirky coffee mugs fit the bill perfectly once someone buys a mug we then process the order through our own store that we’ve set up to work with our printing partners who will take our design professionally printed on a mug and then pack it and ship it out to our customers the mugs are printed through a sublimation or heat transfer process which chemically binds the ink to the surface of the mug giving it a professional long lasting finish capable of withstanding dishwasher and microwave views the whole process usually takes about seven to ten days and the customers will receive the product with your business name on the packing slip the customer pays etsy for the mug at whatever price you set and then they collect the money on our behalf they take their five percent fees out of it and then once a week they’ll transfer the money into your bank account then we just have to pay the printer to make and ship the mug on our behalf it might sound complicated but it’s really very simple so let’s take a look at the process step by step step 1 coming up with the product designs that sell now one of the biggest things that stops people creating a business like this is that they think they need to be a graphic design expert or hire someone who is which can be really expensive but the truth is that is just not the case there are thousands of coffee mugs being sold every single day and a lot of them have how can i say this nicely well i probably can’t they have really bad designs but they still sell by the truckload they’re just plain white mugs with black text on them maybe they’re funny or targeted towards a certain niche or hobby or something sometimes they have a small graphic or a flower on them but they’re just very simple designs made by pimp people with no design experience or skills just like you and me and in a lot of cases these simple designs outsell the fancy complicated ones so let’s have a look at some of the best-selling mugs on etsy if we head over to let’s just search for funny coffee mugs and have a look and see what we get before i go on a lot of these mugs have a bit of profanity on them so if you’re offended by that then i’m sorry but this probably isn’t the business for you but these are the mugs that people are buying so let’s have a look say this one here for example it’s a plain white mug that just says stand with me against reply all now i don’t even really know what that means but i assume that it’s targeted towards office workers or people who hate it when others use the reply all function on their emails and they’re selling this mug for 13.58 cents now if we add it to the cart you will see that they’re charging 11.58 shipping for a total of 25.17 to purchase this mug now the company that we partner with who’ll make and ship our mugs for us i can tell you they charge 3.50 for this type of mug plus five dollars to ship it within the united states so a grand total of 8.50 you’ll also need to factor in the costs of etsy’s fees for letting us list our products on their website first they charge us a 20 cent fee for each product that we list and secondly they’ll charge us a 5 transaction fee to cover the costs of their credit card processing and things like that so for this mug that would be around 10 cents so let’s be super conservative and add 50 cents to cover the etsy fees all up it’ll cost us nine dollars to sell to make and sell this mug for 25.17 leaving us with a 16.17 profit on the sale which is around 64 profit now you can choose to sell your mugs at higher prices or lower but i generally like to keep my prices around the middle ground of what everyone else is selling theirs at so what do you think so far could you stick six words on a mug and sell it for 64 profit i mean okay so they’ve used a couple of fancy fonts but it’s essentially just two lines of black text with six words on a mug pretty simple right but do these mugs actually sell well let’s take a look we’ll go back to our example and if you scroll down under the listing you’ll see a bunch of reviews from people who have purchased this mug and left a review you can see on this one four people have left reviews on this exact mug now i can tell you from experience that on etsy roughly five percent of people who buy will leave you a review so if this listing has four reviews you can safely say that they’ve sold at least 80 of these mugs and then if we scroll right down the bottom of the page it’ll tell us that this listing was created on october the 8th 2020 now i’m recording this video on the 7th of november so this listing has been available for around 3 weeks 80 sales at 25 is 2 000 the total cost to fulfill these would be around seven hundred and twenty dollars leaving a profit on this mug of around twelve hundred and eighty dollars so i’ll ask you again could you come up with a six word design list it and bank twelve hundred and eighty dollars for it yeah let’s go back up the top of this page and we’ll have a look at their whole shop so right here you can see their shop name then under it they’ll show you how many sales they’ve had since they opened in this case 17981 sales a quick scroll down of their store shows us that they have 91 products listed all of them look like they’re mugs some of them are double mugs and more expensive but let’s just stick to the single mog price you can also see that this particular store has been online since 2014 so let’s call that six years so 17 981 mugs sold at 25 just to keep it simple is a total of 449 525 dollars worth of mugs sold in the last six years just in this single store and remember there are thousands of stores just like this one on etsy if the profit factor we worked out before of 64 stays the same then that’s around 287.000 profit over six years or around forty seven thousand eight hundred profit per year and this particular store only has a total of ninety one mugs for sale let’s take a look at another store so this one has sold 60 262 mugs it has 351 total listings and has been open since 2016 so four years and their average price for a mug is 1997. now you’ll notice that they have a few other products in their store too like doormats and other things but it’s mostly coffee mugs so 60 000 mugs at 20 each is 1.2 million dollars in four years after costs they’re probably looking at around seven hundred thousand dollars profit or a hundred and seventy five thousand a year are you starting to see the potential here is this something you think you can do there are literally thousands of these stores on etsy sure not everyone has done a million dollars in sales but plenty of them have it’s not a fluke and it’s available to anyone who wants to set up a store for themselves and start selling let’s look at one more just because it’s fun and it’s inspiring to see what other people have done now this store’s a favorite of mine i used it when i was first getting started for ideas and let me be clear we don’t want to copy anyone else’s designs but we can certainly use them as inspiration to come up with our own versions of different mugs so let’s look at mugsbeam on etsy since 2016. 485 total products 66 680 sales average price is 19.98 so that’s a total of 1.3 million and change i could go on for hours looking at these stores but you can check these out for yourself and prove to yourself that this strategy has huge potential and one other thing if you really want to prove to yourself how much potential this strategy has all you need to do is have a look at some of these stores write down how many sales they’ve there they’ve had and then come back at the same time tomorrow and see how many sales they’ve had now work out what the difference is and that’ll tell you exactly how many sales these stores are making some of these shops are making 50 to 100 sales per day okay sorry i got a bit sidetracked there we were supposed to be coming up with a design for a mug weren’t we so let’s get back to etsy and instead of funny mugs let’s look for something else the design of your mug can be targeted towards anything from relationships brothers sisters aunts uncles grandparents you name it job titles hobbies or even the color of your hair or the state that you live in there are thousands of different topics out there and there are thousands of ideas for mugs so let’s look at say cat mugs we’ll type that into etsy and we’ll have a look down okay here’s one here cat mama pretty simple it’s just got an image at the bottom of a cat and just says cat mama it’s got plenty of sales and good feedback so let’s create our own version of this first of all we need to create the artwork for the mug now you can use any image editing software that you like usually i use photoshop but you can also use canva which has a free version available online so let’s go to and create a free account okay once we’ve logged in you should be able to create a new design now the dimensions that our print partners need are 1125 by 1125 pixels for these mugs so we’ll enter that and here we have a blank white space where we can put our design okay first let’s add our text so we’ll click on the text and scroll down until we find something that we like okay i’m going to go with this one here so i’ll click on it and it will put it onto our artwork then we’ll just click on the text and edit it so i’ll change this just to say cat mama now this top bit i could just delete this section but remember we do want to make it a bit different to the one that we saw so i might add something like let’s say i am proud dot dot dot so i am a proud cat mama okay i like that now i’ll just scale this out a bit so that it takes up more of our design area and now let’s add a cute image of a cat or something on the bottom so for that i would head over to who offer royalty free images that we can use and search for cat okay i’ll just change it to illustration and now after a quick scroll i’ll find this one here that that i like so i’ll click on this and download it to my computer and then we’ll head back to canva upload the image and place it on the design canvas just at the bottom i’ll resize it a little bit until i’m happy with the design and that’s it that’s how easy it is to design a mug next i’ll save that as a png file okay the next step is to upload this artwork to our print partners and generate a mock-up that we can use to put on our etsy listing so the print partners that i use are called t launch there are tons of other companies out there but i think t-launch are the best and i’ve been using them for years they also offer t-shirts and travel mugs and a bunch of other products that you can sell to expand your product range if you want to so we want to create a new product we click on drinkware and then i’ll choose the multi-sized mug and then we simply upload the artwork that we created in canva it usually takes a couple of minutes to upload and generate the mock-ups so in this time i usually just fill out these forms give them a name set the price okay we also want to save these mock-ups that it generates on the right so that we can upload them to etsy when we create our product listing so once we finish creating our mug the next step is to create the listing in etsy so that people can find our mug and buy it so in order to sell on etsy we just need to set up a seller account it doesn’t cost anything to get set up you just need to join and fill out a couple of forms then all we need to do is click on the listings tab on the menu and then click on add a listing and fill out the product details so first we’ll add the images that we saved and then we’ll write a title for the listing select a suitable category write a simple product description and then we fill out a few other bits and pieces then we set the price that we want to sell for and the quantity that we have so we’re using a print on demand to fulfill our orders so i usually just put 100 in the quantity if you want to offer variations in size or colors then you can add them here then set a shipping price usually six or seven dollars depending on your pricing strategy and then we hit publish and that’s it within a few seconds your mug will now be uploaded and listed for sale on etsy so people from all around the world can now come and buy your mug the last thing we need to do is connect our etsy account with our print partner so that our orders can automatically be processed printed and shipped so we’ll head back over to t launch and go to integrations then find the mug we want to connect click select search for the product click add and then just select any variations we have available so our customers get the right size sent out to them we’ll save that and then we’re done so we now have a product listed online ready to sell connected to our print partners who will make and ship the mug as soon as the orders start coming through it’s a pretty simple process and once you’ve done it a few times it becomes second nature you’ll be pumping these things out like crazy so our goal is to come up with as many designs as we can to give people the option to buy something that they love the more mugs you have in your store the more sales you will get it’s that simple and it’s quite fun once you get the hang of it so now when someone goes and buys our mug they will pay etsy etsy will take their fees out and then pay us the rest of the money our print partners will then print pack and ship the mug for us the customer will receive the mug and everybody’s happy now of course we are running a real business here so there will be issues that come up from time to time and it’ll be our job to handle them people will have questions that need to that need to be answered we ask remember we are shipping breakable coffee mugs so from time to time they do get broken and will need to order replacements which t-launch do for free or people will order the wrong item and have it shipped to the wrong address and other normal customer service inquiries but all these things are easily resolved you just need to do a little bit of customer service each day over emails and messages answer questions process any custom orders if you choose to take them this part of the business usually takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour a day and once you get up and running you can even outsource that to someone else if you don’t want to do it okay so let’s recap in order to make this business work you’ll need three things one you need designs for your mugs which i’ve shown you how to come up with two you need access to people who want to buy your mugs which we get through etsy you can also list your mugs on other sites like amazon and ebay and we can talk about that later but i don’t want to over complicate things for now and three you need to fulfill your orders which we do automatically through our print partners and that’s it that’s all you need to do to build your own six figure business in an hour a day now as we worked out before we make around ten dollars profit per mug so if you could sell just five mugs a day that would give you around fifteen hundred dollars profit per month so what could you do with an extra fifteen hundred a month in your bank account what if you could sell ten mugs a day an extra three thousand dollars a month in your bank would that make a difference to your life or if you want to get really serious like some of the stores we looked at before who are averaging 40 to 50 mugs a day 50 mugs a day at 10 profit per mug is 15 000 profit per month now i’m not making any promises if you want to hit those big numbers i’m not going to lie you will have to put in a decent amount of effort but it just shows you what is possible with this business it’s not hard and numbers like this are definitely achievable now if you were to go out and follow all the steps that i’ve shown you today would you agree that you could build your own six-figure business working just a few hours a day absolutely there are countless examples of people who have done just that now if you feel confident enough to take the information that i’ve shared with you today and run with it yourself then by all means go for it and i wish you the best of luck but some words of caution as with most things in life when it comes to building this type of business success will be found in the details just because you know how the game of football is played doesn’t mean you can walk onto the field and win a super bowl and it’s no different here what i’ve just shared with you today is a system that works there is no doubt about it but it took me a lot of trial and error in order to figure out the exact method that we use now was it worth it well you tell me a hundred thousand dollars a year for working an hour a day yeah it was worth it for sure but the bottom line is if you miss any of the steps or leave anything out it may not work the same just like if you want to become a doctor or a lawyer first you need to go through school and learn what’s required knowledge for that profession and it’s the same if you want to run an online business you have to learn how to do it properly each step of the process needs to be put in place if you want to get similar results to what we’ve talked about here today but a year of trial and error to figure out what works is a long time and even then you still have to know what you’re doing in order to figure out what works and what doesn’t so what if i told you i could shorten your learning curve from a year or two to a month or two what if i walked you through the entire process step by step and showed you exactly what you need to do to make all this work would you then be confident that you can build your own profitable online mug business well today i’m going to give a few of you just that opportunity and here’s how we’re going to do it i am going to walk a limited number of people through the entire process the program i’ve put together is called mug moguls and as one of the participants i’m going to walk you through the entire process of getting your own mug business up and running from start to finish so by the time we’re done you will have your own store set up with products in it ready to sell as well as your own etsy account and all set up linked with your print partners with products listed ready to start taking orders or if you’re lucky you might already be getting orders and have money coming in before we’re even done setting it up so if you’re tired of bouncing from one business idea to the next none of which actually make any real money or if you’re ready to start a real business selling real products that people actually want to buy and can be run from anywhere in the world in just a few hours a day then this is the program for you so here’s how it’s going to work this is an implementation program so by the time we’re done with it you will have a complete working business set up ready to start taking orders this is not just some theoretical course you watch a bit here and there and then it collects dust on a shelf and you never get anything out of it no i’m going to help you every step of the way put together each element that you need to build your business selling coffee mugs the videos inside the course are recordings of my computer screen as i walk you through the entire process step by step click by click so you watch your video and then you go and do it for yourself then come back and watch the next video and so on we will start at the very beginning and go through the entire process first i’m going to show you how to figure out what’s hot and what mugs people are buying right now we’re going to analyze the best-selling stores on etsy see what they’re selling see what keywords they’re using to sell and model our own mug designs off theirs by doing this when we make sure that we’re on trend and we’re setting ourselves up for success over the other sellers who just pick anything they think is cute or funny then i’m going to walk you step by step through the process of setting up an online store don’t worry if you’ve never built a website or anything before i’ve even told my eight-year-old daughter how to do this it’s that simple i will record my screen while i start from scratch set up a brand new store so you can follow along on your screen and create your store at the same time i will show you how to pick a name for your site how to set up your products and categories how to get an email address you name it everything you need to know we will cover in simple step-by-step fashion next we’re going to make our first mug from start to finish choose a design prepare the artwork and upload it to our print partners ready for fulfillment again don’t worry if you have no design experience i’m going to show you a couple of tools you can use to make your designs super simple once you know how to do this you’ll be virtually unstoppable it really does become quite fun seeing new designs and then creating your own versions next part will be about setting up your etsy account there are a few things you need to go through in order to get accepted to sell on etsy and i’ll walk you through the process to make sure we avoid any delays or objections on this part of the business once you have your etsy store set up you can pretty much start selling right away you could even be getting sales coming through within a matter of days i will walk you through the process of getting each platform we use talking to each other so that we can automate the process as much as possible then we will cover some traffic and promotion strategies because after all if nobody knows your products exist they will never come and buy them right etsy has their own proprietary advertising platform set up specifically for their sellers so i’m going to show you how to set that up but there’s also a bunch of other ways you can promote your products for free if you don’t want to advertise a lot of people get scared off by the thought of spending money on advertising but it’s really very simple and you can start for as little as one dollar per day in my opinion it’s well worth doing running ads to your products will put you head and shoulders above 95 percent of other sellers and help kick start your business and get those first few all-important sales and reviews coming in we will also cover how to manage your business like a pro i believe that offering top-notch customer service with a smile even over email is the best way to ensure your customers are happy and keep coming back to buy more i’ve had some customers come back seven or eight times over the course of two years to buy more mugs off me and it all comes down to the way that you treat your customers and build those lasting relationships that will continue to put money into your pocket for years to come we will also cover social marketing we will set up accounts across various social media sites like facebook instagram and pinterest and i will walk you through the process of how to use those channels to get even more people to see your mugs and potentially become customers social media traffic is like icing on the cake it doesn’t cost you anything and if one of your mugs goes viral you can easily start getting dozens or hundreds of sales a day it’s something that’s definitely worth spending time on and where you have refined it down to an exact science so you can reap the benefits of years of testing what works and what doesn’t now one of the most common questions i get when i tell people about this business is this all sounds great but you have years experience building businesses online what about me i have no experience will this still work for me so to answer that question i’ve asked a few people who have already shown this method to to share with you some of their experiences with it i was super skeptical when i joined mug moguls i had bought a few make money online courses before but none of them had worked and i had never made a single dollar until now i followed the course step by step designed and uploaded my mugs and then they just started selling it’s so simple i couldn’t believe it at first i joined mug moguls a while back and to be honest i didn’t do much with it at first but over time i started adding mugs to my account and to my surprise sales started coming in the more mugs i added the more sales i got i now have about 100 mug designs in my store and i am now making consistent sales the thing i love the most about this business is the catching sound that my phone makes every time i make a sell my kids go crazy when mom makes a sale and it really helps to keep me motivated to create more mugs and get more of those catchings the extra money i am making for my mock business is going to pay for a dream trip to disney world for all of us another great question is oops another question i get asked is what happens if everyone on this webinar starts selling coffee mugs using your system won’t it saturate the market and kill the opportunity now we’ve already talked about this earlier but this market is huge there are tens of thousands of mugs being sold every day so as long as you don’t copy the exact same designs and you do something unique and something different to what’s already out there then it will appeal to different people so there’s no question if you follow this process and set up your store just like i show you you will get sales i guarantee it alright so today i believe i’ve shown you beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is absolutely possible for you to create a simple profitable online business selling coffee mugs just like i did just like the people you just heard from did and just like countless of others that we’ve seen on etsy and other marketplaces have you’ve seen how easy it is to find a product that sells to make your own version of it and put it up for sale on one of the world’s most popular marketplaces for gifts and accessories and you’ve seen how easy it is to have all the work of making and shipping the mug done for you by our printing and shipping partners so if you’re ready to get your own mug business up and running and generating a life changing income for yourself and your family then here’s how you can sign up for this program class is already underway and the first few modules are already waiting for you inside the private members area so you can get started today your only job is to watch the videos and follow along with me step by step as we build your business from the ground up and create an income that can provide the for you for years to come by the time you’ve been through all the modules you will have a fully functioning online mug business that is ready to start taking orders and putting money into your bank account each and every week so what about the price now i know this is the part where i’m supposed to make up a bunch of overpriced valuations and tell you the course is worth forty nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars or something like that and now i’ll reduce it to five thousand or four thousand or 2000 or 1000 but personally i hate it when i watch a webinar and they do that so the price for the mug moguls course is just 97 a month and you can join right now using the link below this video and you’ll get full access to the course now that may seem expensive to some but like i mentioned before i’ve sold over one million dollars worth of mugs following this exact system and this course will show you how to build a real online business an asset that can pay you five thousand ten thousand fifty thousand or more per year depending on how much work you want to put in we have several stores that make 500 to a thousand dollars a week so i think it’s a pretty good deal at that price 97 a month for full access to the mug moguls course and you can cancel at any time now the fact that you’re still here watching us tells me that you’re at least considering joining us and building your own mug business which i think is awesome but i wanted to set up some kind of reward for action takers and decision makers so here’s what i’m going to do one of the most daunting parts of this business is setting up your shopify store which is where we will process your orders and make your mugs now inside the course we have all the step-by-step tutorials to help you set it all up and if you go through those videos you will be able to set it up no problem but i wanted to take things one step further and actually set this up for you so for the next 50 people who join my moguls i’m going to help you by actually building your shopify store for you all the details will be in the members area so once you join you’ll see how it all works but basically i’ll build out a store i’ll even throw in five unique mug designs to get you started down the right track it’ll just be a basic store so you can customize it later on if you wish but it will all be set up ready to go all you need to do is choose a name for your store which will cover in the course and either myself or one of my team will get everything set up for you ready to take over and start selling but remember this offer is only for the first 50 people who join so if you’re serious about building yourself a legitimate online business then i personally think this is the best way to get started now in addition to that i want to make this a completely safe decision for you without any risk on your part whatsoever so i’m going to give you a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee on the course follow along for the next 30 days and if you decide for any reason that this is not for you no harm no foul just send me an email and i’ll give you a prompt 100 refund and this isn’t some phony guarantee that has a bunch of fine print where we can reject the refund based on a technicality or anything like that if you decide for any reason that you don’t like the course or you don’t think it’ll work or even just that you don’t like the sound of my voice for any reason at all just let me know and your money will be returned and i’ll even let you keep the store that we build for you like i said earlier i only want to work with people who are serious about building their business so if you decide that it’s not for you no problem just email me and i’ll refund your money does that sound fair this means that there’s literally no way you can lose here at a bare minimum you’ll have a full 30 day money back guarantee so you can go through the entire program risk free get your shopify store set up and decide if this business is right for you if you decide you don’t want to continue i’ll refund your money but more likely what will happen is that if you follow the steps that i lay out in the course build your business and start generating an income so here’s how to get started and then i’ve got one more thing i want to tell you below this video you will notice a button that has appeared to join mug moguls i want you to click that button right now and when you do a fully secured checkout page will pop up in a new window so you can fill that out while you continue to listen now after you fill out the registration form and hit submit you’re going to be taken to a login page for the mug moguls members area where you will need to create a username and password and then verify your email address for access to be granted and that’s it watch the welcome and business overview videos to get started and follow us along as i walk you through the process of setting up your business step by step now as you fill out the form to get started there’s one more thing i want to tell you about which will likely become the most valuable part of this course i’ve set up a members only facebook group where course members can join and ask me questions and get support from myself and from the other mug moguls members i personally check this group for any questions at least once a day and i’ll do my absolute best to answer every single question that you have now a few people have told me that it’s a mistake to offer this that it’ll be too much work but i want to make sure that i give you the best chance of success that i can so i’m giving you full access to this group which i think adds a huge amount of value to the course i have clients to this day who pay me five to ten thousand dollars a month to consult on their e-commerce businesses and i’m giving you access to my 20 years worth of knowledge and experience doing business online just for taking action and becoming a member of mug moguls alright so to recap when you join the mug moguls training course you’re going to be officially enrolled in the program where i will be helping you create the business every step of the way if you’re one of the next 50 people to join i’m going to have myself or a team member set up your shopify store for you complete with five unique mug designs loaded up ready to get you started plus you get my 30 day money back guarantee so you can go through the entire program without any risk whatsoever and finally i’m going to give you a priceless bonus when you join today which is full access to the facebook coaching group where you can ask all the questions and get all the answers you need to get your business up and running all you need to do at this point is to click the button below fill out the registration form and you’ll get instant access to the mug moguls program if you do change your mind remember you have my guarantee as backup so at this point you’ve watched the entire workshop you’ve seen what it takes to build a business selling coffee mugs online you’ve seen the proof that not just me but hundreds of other people are doing this and making money you saw their products you saw their sales and so you know it can be done and hopefully i’ve made it clear that the mug moguls course will show you exactly step by step how to get things set up so if you haven’t already joined i’d like to invite you one last time to join us and become a mug mogul yourself just click the button below and let’s get started you


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