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How to make money Reselling on Meesho

There are hundreds of ways to earn online from the internet today. If you want to make money online then it is very important for you to know the right way. Reselling is one such method, which is absolutely Genuine. This is a free business model, which is very popular nowadays. With its help, you can earn good money without investment. But the question is how? How to make money from Reselling? Let’s discuss this in detail.

What is Reselling?

Actually Reselling is made up of two words – Re and Selling. Here Re means again, and Selling means to sell. In this way, the meaning of Reselling is – Selling an item which is sold by someone else. In this business, a person buys goods from a big seller, adds his commission to them and sells it. In this way, he earns good money by playing the role of a middleman. These middlemen are called Resellers.

How to Make Money with Reselling?

It is very easy to earn money from reselling. The process is very simple. 

For this you need to have these three things :-

  • Smartphone
  • Internet Connection
  • Bank Account

If you have all three of these things, congratulations! You can do Unlimited Earning from Reselling. Even if you do not have your own bank account, it does not matter. Because you can also link the bank account of your parents or any other member of the household.

These 5 pointers have helped thousands of Resellers in building customers and getting consistent sales.

How to Get your first order in Reselling?

These 5 pointers have helped thousands of Resellers in building customers and getting consistent sales.

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Tip 1: Begin with friends and family

When you begin something new, family and friends are always encouraging. Inform them that you have launched a new company and would want to hear their opinions. Many people will buy the products after hearing about them from you and sharing their reviews.

Tip 2: Share Meesho's Hit catalog

Share Meesho's Hit catalog Begin with Meesho's 'Trending Now' and 'Top Picks' collections.

These are the most trending catalogs and have worked for every entrepreneur to get success. We recommend checking the customer ratings, reviews and real images of the product so that you can confidently recommend this product to your friends and family.

3rd Tip: Stress Easy Return & COD

Online trust-building can be difficult. You must have observed how consumers are hesitant to make a first payment online.
Online trust-building can be difficult. You must have observed how consumers are hesitant to make a first payment online. Offer “Cash On Delivery (COD)” to your potential customers to earn their trust. They will pay after receiving the merchandise, and if they are dissatisfied, you can easily accept returns or exchanges.

Tip 4: Establish the URGENCY FACTOR

Use expressions like “I can offer 50% OFF until tonight” or “I only have 2 of them left.” Making sure that your clients see what they enjoy and producing a sense of urgency will enable them to assess their purchase.

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Tip 5: The Secret Recipe

Initially focus on building a loyal customer base. Begin with making a low profit and gradually increase it. This has worked for every entrepreneur to get success.

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How to become an expert in Reselling?

It’s time to start building your reselling business after you receive your first order! Building a business takes time, but persistence pays off when you want to see outstanding results. So let’s examine the elements that will support the development of your reselling business.

1. Know your Customer:

The first thing you should do to start your reselling business is to know your customer’s choice. Understand their requirements before sharing products with them. The chances of getting an order increases when you share catalogs as per the likes of your customers.

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2. Consistency in sharing:

Make sure that you keep on sharing products. Don’t get disheartened if your potential customers do not respond to your shared catalogs. Make sure that you keep on sharing a variety of your products at regular intervals, at least once a day. Always remember ‘Consistency is the key to success’.

3. Have a depth knowledge of the products you share:

Always refer to the product description, customer rating, customer review of any product before you share it. This will help you to know the product better and you will be able to answer all queries of your customers and your customer will be convinced easily to place an order.

4. Post-purchase assistance:

Once your product is sold, don’t assume that your role as an entrepreneur is over. Now it is time for ‘Post-purchase assistance’. You must ask for the feedback of the product as well as other added services such as logistics, quality of the product and so on.

5. Make the best use of positive feedbacks:

Every time you receive positive feedback, share it with your potential customers. This will build their trust in your products and encourage them to place an order.

6. Build trust:

Building trust is the key factor for returning customers. Make sure that you cater the best service to any customer that comes to you. Assure that if your customers are dissatisfied with any product, you initiate a return/exchange for them. You can talk about the flexible Exchange & Return policy, COD etc to maintain transparency.

How to make money Reselling on Meesho Ecommerce Blog ES.COM

How to use Facebook for Reselling?

You can find customers through Facebook by using

1. Facebook Profile

2. Facebook Page

3. Facebook Groups

4. Facebook Wall

5. Facebook Market Place

Here are a few ways in which you can find more customers and grow your business using Facebook:

1. Share products on a regular basis. Keep the description short and informative. 

2. Respond to any queries that you have received with the required information. 

3. Ask your friends and family members on Facebook to like and share your posts. 

4. Join active groups of people who are interested in online shopping. 

5. If someone shares an interest in a product that you have shared, start a conversation with them either on Messenger or Whatsapp. 

6. Always focus on the unique features and services that Meesho offers, like free shipping, free returns and exchange, cash on delivery etc. Our top Resellers suggest that at the time of return, they return the customer’s money upfront. They do not wait for Meesho to first return the amount.

How to use Watsapp for Reselling?

Here are some quick methods for using WhatsApp to find clients:

1. Frequently Share Sharing a few products occasionally is insufficient. A variety of items must be shared throughout the day. When they share products between two and three times daily, our top resellers receive the most orders.

2. Promote the Correct Products Both sharing regularly and the proper things are crucial. It would be simpler for you to generate orders if you share something that your clients adore. Therefore, find out what your customers enjoy and share that information.

3. Distribute to All We frequently only share with a small group of clients. These individuals might express some curiosity but may not purchase. Sharing with other people is the only method to receive an order in this situation! Here are some tips for finding more clients:

1. Your family and friends are usually encouraging when you start something new.


2. Your neighbors: When you next see them, let them know about your project. 3. Friends of Friends: Request that your friends recommend you to their friends. If they recommend someone, you may give them a discount.


Share the correct goods with everyone and with everyone!

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