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Review app installation in Debutify Theme

Debutify is one of the most popular shopify theme. It is well known because of the bundle of features that it offers when compared to free shopify themes.

Installing review app on debutify theme is bit tricky and many store owners struggle with it.

Here the complete guide on how to installation and settings of Review app installation in Debutify theme. Check out the video below for complete step by step tutorial :

Debutify Review App Installation Tutorial

Step 1: Install Debutify theme

Step 2: Install Review App

Step 3: Go to installation instruction

Step 4: Copy the code

Step 5: Go to Online Store > Theme > Edit Code

Step 6: Search for Review. Open review.badge.liquid

Step 7: Paste the code here

Step 8: Scroll down to the bottom of the installation instruction page

Step 9: Copy the code

Step 10: Paste it into the review.badge.liquid file and save it.

Step 11: Refresh your site. Now you can see the reviews badge under the product titles.

This is how you can install review app on debutify theme. For more information refer to the product review app installation guide.


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