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Best Courier Company for e-Commerce Business in India

Table of Contents:

  • What are the type of eCommerce Companies
  • What are Logistic Aggregators
  • Factors to Consider to Select the Best Courier

In this article, we will learn about the best courier company for your online business where you can ship products to your customers through cash on delivery options as well as prepaid options.

Here I will share my personal experience with all the top courier companies. I have been in the E-Commerce space for the last 3 years and have seen many logistic companies grow and fall.

What are the type of eCommerce Companies

Earlier there was no cash on delivery option in India so most sellers were using pre-payment options using local couriers like Maruti courier, DTDC, Tirupati Courier, etc.

After the concept of cash on delivery, many new courier companies came into the market like FedEx, Ecom Express, eKart, Shadowfax, Delhivery and many more.
Now to make logistic service even easier a new concept was brought into the market and that was logistic aggregator.

What are Logistic Aggregators?

Logistic aggregators are third party logistics service providers which make your E-Commerce shipping process easier than ever. They tie up with multiple courier companies and provide services to the sellers. It’s like one shipping platform where you can see the rate and charges of all the logistic companies and you can choose whichever courier you like to dispatch your order.

They even provide you with a dashboard and panels where you can directly integrate your website or seller portal.

This made the E-Commerce selling journey so simple. The software fetches all the orders from your store and displays you the best possible rate for the particular delivery Pincode.
To name a few there are many big aggregators like Shiprocket, Shyplite, Nimbus post, Dash 101, Think Logistic, etc

I have used these companies’ services and have finally given you the best 5 companies that you can go for.

So what are the criteria best on which we are going to rank the best courier companies in India?

Factors to Consider to Select the Best Courier

1. Price: Price is the most crucial factor based on which we decide with which Logistic we are going to ship out our items. There are many companies who show lower prices on their websites but charges you way higher when you practically ship your items with them. I have seen some companies who show charges as minimum as Rs 25 for less than 500-gram product but actually charges you Rs 110 rupees for a 400-gram product. But do not worry these companies are not on my recommended list.

2. Weight discrepancy: Weight discrepancy basically refers to the mismatch in the weight of your product. Whenever you arrange for your package pickup through any Logistics company you have to put the actual dimensions and weight of the package you want to ship, based on which you are going to be charged.

Usually, they compare the dead weight and the volumetric weight and then charges you whichever is higher. But there are many scammers company that charges you double rates in the name of weight discrepancy even if you have mentioned the correct weight.

4. Deliverable Pincode: The serviceability of the pin code differs from company to company. Some couriers are only good for metros and tier 1 cities whereas some have good services even in rural and tier 3 cities. Some don’t deliver in Northeastern states and few urban cities as well.

5. Delivery Time: Many courier companies have great infrastructure and hubs throughout India which makes the delivery faster. Faster Delivery time plays an important role in reducing your returns and cancellation.

6. Customer Support: Most courier companies do not have any direct customer support contact number. So in case, you have any queries or issues you have to raise a ticket on the dashboard or you have to send them an email. Some may respond to you within a few hours and some may take even weeks.

So here are the top 5 companies with which you can start shipping your orders

Best Courier Companies in India - Top 5 List

1. I Think Logistic:

This is a courier company that I personally used to ship out all my orders. I have been using it for more than 1 year now and really have had a great experience with them. I think is a smart company with really a great service. The logistic pricing on the platform is genuine, you might find them a little bit pricy but looking into the support and the systems with which they work is worth the price. Below is the pricing table that they offer.

Since I started working with this company my RTO have come down to almost 25% and this is because of the system that they implement, which is 4 checkpoints to reduce returns.


It helps reduce NDR with on the go communication with buyers through WhatsApp SMS and IVR.
In case of no response from the customers, their automatic shipping system which works on artificial intelligence reattempts delivery in the next 48 hours without the seller’s intervention.
Based on their shipping experience they recommend the best Logistics company for a particular pin code.

2. Delhivery:

So Delhivery is an individual Logistic company and not an aggregator. What I like the most about Delhivery is the authenticity and the customer service. Delhivery has its own integration for Shopify and other E-Commerce platforms.
The charges are nominal and the shipping time is also great most importantly they deliver almost at every Pincode.

3. Shiprocket:


Next we have Shiprocket which is a logistic aggregator. Being one of the largest aggregators in India Shiprocket has all the advantages that we may look for but what I don’t like about Shiprocket it is their customer support and false pricing.


4. Nimbus Post

Numbers post is also a good aggregator to go with. They don’t have any front investment but to start shipping out your orders you have to add some balance to the wallet. Provide integrations with multiple platforms and you can even create individual orders with them. Some good features that they have are AI fraud deduction and order filtering and cloud-based support solution.

5. Shyplite

Separated is also take aggregator similar to Nimbuspost. You need to add a minimum of Rs 2000 as a wallet balance to start shipping your items. They provide both National and international shipping solutions and the rates are nominal.


Pro Tip:
Do not use Xpressbees and Shadowfax unless you don’t have any other choice. It’s not me that had a bad experience with these companies but I have gone through all the possible reviews from the seller community and finally come to the conclusion that most sellers have experienced a greater number of cancellations and RTOs when working with these particular companies.
Many Sellers have also reported that these logistic companies do not handle the packages properly and even the return RTO orders come damaged and product missing from the packages.

You are using dash 101 Logistic aggregators so always keep an eye on the weight discrepancies.


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