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How to process an order on Flipkart Seller Panel?

Order processing the process associated with picking, packing and handing over the products to the logistics partners for delivery. The quickest way to process the orders are below:

Learn How to process an order on Flipkart

Step 1: Order becomes actionable only when the order is moved to the ‘Pending Label’ Tab.

Step 2: You will have to generate labels once the order is moved to ‘Pending Labels’ Tab. The simplest way to generate labels are below:

  • Select all the orders, click on the “Generate Label” button and fill the details like Shipment Dimensions, IMEI etc. and click on ‘Process Labels’.
  • Click “Download Bulk File” under “Bulk Actions” and fill the details like Shipment Dimensions, IMEI etc. in the downloaded excel and upload the file on the seller dashboard.

In some of the cases when a high number of orders is being processed, shipping labels might not be available for download right away. Please wait till the labels are created and then download them. Once labels are downloaded, the order status will move to “Packed“.

Step 3: Once you have clicked on “Process Labels” or uploaded a bulk file in “Upload Bulk file”, orders are processed by system and shipping labels and invoices are generated. You will have to download the shipping labels and invoices.

Step 4: Once the shipping labels and invoices are downloaded, you will have to complete the order packing process by packing the orders and stick the product labels on the orders.

Step 5: Once the order has been packed and made ready, mark it as “Ready To Dispatch” in the ‘Pending RTD’ Tab. This will alert the logistics partner that the order is ready to be picked up.

How to mark RTD ?

Marking an order as ‘Ready To Dispatch’ is one of the most critical activities in a seller’s order management workflow. 

It is basically an event that lets the Flipkart Marketplace and logistics team know that a seller has completed packing the product shipment and is ready for handover. This also helps schedule pick-ups accordingly.

It is important to follow the process rules related to ‘Ready To Dispatch’:

  • Orders need to be marked as ‘Ready To Dispatch’ before the ‘Dispatch By’ date (depending on Procurement SLA), otherwise it leads to ‘SLA breach’ and impacts their seller performance score negatively.
  • Orders need to be marked RTD only after completely making it ready for handover.
  • Orders that have been marked as RTD must be handed over to the logistics team field executive without fail otherwise it will lead to a ‘Pick-up reattempt’.

Step 6: Now, download Manifest from the “Pending Handover” tab. Manifest contains a list of all “Ready for Dispatch” orders.

Note: If there are multiple logistics partner cards visible in this tab, the manifest for each logistic partner is to be downloaded separately and should tally your packed orders against them.

How to generate Manifest?

A manifest list is a PDF file with a summary of orders that have been marked as “Ready To Dispatch”. Ideally, it should contain all those orders which sellers have packed completely and are ready to hand over to logistics team field executive.
Sellers can generate the final manifest list by clicking on “Download Manifest” and hand it over to the EKL FE along with the packed orders and take their signature as confirmation.


Step 7: When the order is attempted to be picked up, handover the RTD product shipments to the logistics team field executive. It is mandatory to get the acknowledgement signature and the count of shipments on the manifest.

Note: Please keep track of all the manifest as the same may be required for future reference.

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