You are currently viewing Facebook Ads Payment Issue- The card type you entered isn’t supported. Try a different card

Facebook Ads Payment Issue- The card type you entered isn’t supported. Try a different card

Many users in India are having issues with Facebook refusing to accept any form of payment.

When you try to add a payment method to my Facebook ad account, you might be getting the following error:
“The card type you entered isn’t supported. Try a different card”

You might have tried multiple debit and credit cards, but none of them worked.

This error is caused by the fact that Facebook India currently only accepts international debit and credit cards. So, if you’re someone who is having only debit cards from PSU banks, you’ll run into this issue.

So, in this article, we’ll look at how to fix it.

What is the source of this issue?

Facebook offers two payment options: Automatic and Manual.

The default Facebook payment method, which is also automatic, is similar to a post-paid service. You must only pay after Facebook has generated a bill. For example, Facebook India charges you if you spend 500 rupees on Facebook ads. Facebook will deduct the money from the debit card and credit card you have added as a payment method to charge this amount.

The issue is that most Indian banks do not accept automatic payments due to security concerns. As a result, Facebook devised a manual payment system to address the problem.

Manual Facebook payment works similarly to a prepaid service. Any debit or credit card can be used to manually add credit to your Facebook account. Because most people can get Facebook ad credit, just like they can get anything else online, the manual process solves all of the problems. A range of payment methods are accepted by the manual payment method (here is the list of all accepted facebook payment methods).

In the following section, I’ll show you another way to fund your Facebook ads manager in India.

The Alternative

Because you can’t solve this problem on a desktop, you’ll need to use the mobile version of the Facebook ads manager.

So, go ahead and download the Facebook ads app for your phone using the following links:

After you’ve installed the app, go through the following steps:

  1. Open the app and pick your ad account before going to settings.
  2. Select “Payment Methods” from the “Billing” section.
  3. Enter the amount you want to put into your ad account here.
  4. Select your preferred payment option by clicking on the payment method link.
    There will be more choices available here. You can use a credit card, debit card, UPI, Net banking, or Paytm to make your payment.

After you add money to your account, it will appear as a prepaid balance in your ad account, as shown below:
Additionally, by doing so, your account will automatically switch to manual payments, and you will be able to make manual payments directly from your desktop in the future.

You cannot, however, switch to manual payments if you have already made an automatic payment.

If you have an automated payment account, you will see this error “The card type you entered isn’t supported. Try a different card”

The card type you entered isnt supported. Try a different card

If that’s the case, you’ll need to create a new ad account and follow the instructions outlined in this post.

I hope this has resolved your issue.

Please let me know if this is not the case in the comments section below.


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