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How to cancel Shopify subscription

You may need to take a vacation from running your Shopify store from time to time. Or perhaps you simply require more time to continue working on it. Shopify offers a variety of alternatives from which you can choose the best fit for your company. 

Whether it’s closing it altogether or taking a brief break. Read below instructions to understand how to pause and close your store, as well as what measures to take ahead of time and how to change your subscription.


There are two options available for pausing your store.
These are only available if your store has been on a paid plan for at least 60 days after the end of your free trial.

1. Pause Instead of Cancel

The first option is called the “Pause and Build” plan.
This plan lets you pause your storefront and continue to work on your store for a reduced subscription fee of $9. This does not cancel the Shopify subscription.
You can still access your Shopify admin, settings to optimize your store and edit your products, but your checkout is disabled which means that your customers can visit your store and browse your products, but they can’t buy anything.
In case your store is seasonal or only open for a limited time, the Pause and Build plan might be the best option for you.

Customers won’t try to buy anything while your store is on pause and build if you adjust your theme to hide your product prices and hide the Add to cart buttons.

If you don’t want your products to be visible while your store is paused, you can safeguard your online store with a password. You may personalise your password page and create a message that your customers will see.

2. Pause for 90 days

The second option is called the “Pause for 90 days” plan, which allows you to pause your store for 90 days with no subscription fee.
In a way it means you cancel Shopify subscription for 90 days.
Remember with this plan, you can’t access your Shopify admin, work on your store, or sell to customers.
I recommend creating a password page to tell your visitors that you’ll be back soon since you won’t be able to access or edit your password page while your store is paused.
You can reopen your store at any time within 90 days by logging in and choosing a new plan.
If you decide not to reopen your store within 90 days, then you’re upgraded to the Pause and Build a plan, which has a reduced subscription fee.

3. Cancel Shopify Subscription Completely

If you don’t want to run your online store anymore, then you can cancel your subscription and close it completely.
After you close your store, you do not have access to your Shopify admin.
 If you want to log back in, then you’ll have to enter your credit card details and reactivate your store which starts a new billing cycle.
You’re able to reopen your store within 2 years of closing it.
After that, your store’s information is no longer guaranteed to be available.

NOTE: If you have any third-party apps that bill you outside of Shopify, then cancel your service with those apps to avoid being billed externally after you close your store.

Make sure that you pay any outstanding charges that you might have. If you have no outstanding charges against your account, then you won’t receive a bill after closing your store.

If you close your store, you can’t create a new Shopify store using the same domain.
For example, if you close a store called “”, and open a new store entirely, you can’t use “” again.
But if you have a custom domain that you bought through Shopify, you can transfer it to another provider or Shopify store.
And if you have a custom domain that you bought through a third-party provider, then you need to remove it from your Shopify admin before you close your store.
And finally, if you’re on a free trial and haven’t chosen a pricing plan, then you don’t need to take any action to close your store.
You can just let your free trial expire. If your free trial expires and you’d like to reopen the store, then you’ll need to choose a pricing plan to reactivate it.


To pause or close your store, you must be logged in as the account owner.
For security reasons, Shopify Support can’t cancel your store for you, you need to close the store yourself.
  • From the Shopify admin, click “Settings”, then click “Plan”.
  • Next, click “pause or cancel subscription”.
  • Here you can see the three options as explained above. Make your selection and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • To Cancel Shopify Subscription click “cancel subscription and close store”.
  • Select the reason that you’re closing your store from the dropdown list, and answer any questions that may follow it.
  • Next, enter your password and click “Close store”.
When your store is closed, you receive an email confirmation.

Remember, you can always reopen your store within the 2 years and view your past bills any time you’d like.

Now you know all of the necessary details on pausing and closing your store.


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