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How to Connect Razorpay to Shopify Store

In this blog we will learn how you can connect your Razorpay payment gateway to the Shopify store. Recently there has been many restrictions and changes in the way you can integrate razor pay with Shopify. As per Shopify’s new payments infrastructure, payment service providers must create new apps that adhere to updated security standards. 

Therefore, after July 31, 2022, many shopify store owners are facing issue with Razorpay Integration. Shopify store owners won’t be able to accept payments from customers if your Shopify store is integrated with any payment gateway which don’t adhere to the new regulations.

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Razorpay Shopify Integration

In the month of May itself, Razorpay launched its new payment app called Razorpay secure as per the guidelines by Shopify. The old razor pay app was removed from the Shopify store. The new Razorpay secure app is really secure and provides a seamless experience to Shopify store owners.

Check out the Razorpay and Shopify integration process below.

Benefits of Razorpay secure app for Shopify:

  • Customers can now pay in 100+ payment modes such as UPI, Debit and Credit Cards, Netbanking, Wallets, and Pay Later.
  • Get access to more than 11 million saved cards which will enable customers to complete payments quickly and efficiently.
  • Track payments in real-time and get detailed insights on payments, settlements, and refunds.

Old Razorpay app VS Razorpay Secure app

In the case of the old Razorpay app while integrating with the Shopify store we had to enter Razorpay account details, Razorpay reference number, the currency we need on our store, gateway reference ID, and signature while in the case of the new Razorpay secure app you only need a payment ID.

razorpay old app for shopify vs new razorpay secure app
Image Credit: Razorpay
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How to Connect Razorpay to Shopify Store

Follow the steps below to connect your Shopify Store with Razorpay Secure App. Read the complete step before practically implementing.

  1. Click on the Link below

2. Upon Clicking on the link you will be redirected to the Shopify store payment gateway settings

3. Login to your Shopify store

4. Now you will see Razorpay payment settings like this

Razorpay Secure app integration with Shopify (2)

5. Click on the Connect button

Razorpay Secure app integration with Shopify (2)

6. Click install app button

Connect Shopify Store with Razorpay Payment gateway 3 1

7. Now you will be redirected to Razorpay’s official website where you need to log in to your razor pay account. If you are a new user then create a new Razorpay account here

Connect Shopify Store with Razorpay Payment gateway (1)

Click Activate Razorpay Secure on the activation screen on your Shopify Dashboard

Connect Shopify Store with Razorpay Payment gateway (1)
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Click Activate Razorpay Secure on the activation screen on your Shopify Dashboard

Note: Make sure that you deactivate the existing Razorpay App after activating the new Razorpay Secure App.

How to Deactivate Old Razorpay payments app

To access the Razorpay App that is already installed on your Shopify store, click this link.
To disable the current Razorpay App on your Shopify store, click on Deactivate Razorpay button.

deactivate old razorpay paymnets app

In case you are still facing any issues while integrating the Razorpay payment app with your Shopify store then you can contact Razorpay support here.

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