You are currently viewing PayPal money on hold ? Know Why?

PayPal money on hold ? Know Why?

Well, stay to the end of this article because you will find out the truth about PayPal holds.

The dropshipping journey is just like any entrepreneurship journey. It’s kind of rough, with many ups and downs; and to build a successful business, all it takes is having a problem solving attitude.

Let’s talk about Why Your PayPal Money On Holds.

A lot of people don’t really understand the holds and they get scared when PayPal puts a hold for the first time.

So, first of all let’s have a brief understanding of the types of holds you may see on your PayPal account.

Types of PayPal Holds

The first one is Limitation.

Limitation basically takes place when something unusual happens in your PayPal account. Like, when you scale too much and you account gets flooded with lots of sales transactions or when you change some crucial information on your account. In these cases PayPal just limit 100% of your money. It usually happens for like 72 to 96 hour, and during that period you will not be able to withdraw money or pay with PayPal.

During the holding period PayPal verify each of your transactions and once it’s verified they usually remove the 100% limitation and then the next holds comes known as Collateral Hold.

Its like jump start hold where they straight away hold, let’s say 20k from your account for 21 days in certain instances. The funds will be released when goods get delivered to the customers and the buyer confirms that he or she has received the item in the promised condition.

In some cases it may takes around 30-35 days. You need to communicate to PayPal team and provide them with all information.

PayPal rolling reserves paypal money on hold

The third kind of holds is Rolling Reserve. Rolling Reserve is where PayPal holds a percentage of each of your sales. Let’s say you sell a $40 product and they hold 20%  of it which is $8 . The amount you will actually receive is $40- PayPal Fees – 20% of the sale transaction ($8). The Rolling Reserved money is just temporarily frozen and usually for 40 to 60 days. I have seen some Dropshippers who have experienced rolling reserve of 10% for 45 days, 30% for 60 days, 20% for 90 days. 

In rare cases PayPal holds money beyond 90 days. It pretty much depend on individual level. But, whenever PayPal holds money, all you need to do is send them all the documents that they ask for. In 80 % of the cases its the tracking number, Invoice ID for all your transactions, or any business documents they might need.

Make sure to give them everything that they ask for and also mind it, that all the documents are real and authentic. I don’t need to even explain why you shouldn’t send fake invoices or fake documents. Never do that, don’t fake anything. If they find any document as fake or notice any fraudulent activity on your account, they might put a permanent hold on your money.

Note: Considering you are dropshipping we recommend completing all the business verification processes with PayPal before making any transactions. You must be up to date with PayPal terms and services.



PayPal or Facebook for that matter are your business partners, right! So, you need to build and maintain a good relationships with them. The reason why PayPal does holds your money is because and they’re also running a business and they’re trying to protect themselves and their customers from any fraudulent activities and scams. 

We have seen many cases in drop shipping space where people scale to like 100k – 200k very fast within a month and don’t even ship the products. They send fake tracking numbers without actually fulfilling the orders. They make all the money, take it out of PayPal and just run away.

These kind of people are screwing the customers as well as PayPal. Yes, you heard it right. In such cases the actual looser is PayPal because they have to refund the money to those customers. That’s why PayPal does the holds, it’s for their own security and win the trust of customers. It helps run a clean white hat business.

If you are dropshipping or selling physical products, you are likely to upload tracking numbers for every transaction. Also keep updating your customers with the tracking number and shipping updates to avoid getting charge-backs and penalty. Do not worry for PayPal holds, it just a minor setback which may slows you down but in general I think it’s a good thing because it keeps everyone safe.

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