How to Report Brand Infringement on Flipkart

A third party’s unauthorized use of content that is shielded by intellectual property law is referred to as infringement.
Trademark infringement and copyright infringement are the two categories of infringement.


Trademark infringement is the use of a word, symbol, design, or combination of these to identify a company’s goods or services and set them apart from those of other businesses. 

To avoid consumer confusion regarding the origin of goods or services, trademark laws are in place. Trademark infringement is the use of another seller’s identification mark, logo, or brand name without that seller’s consent.

Copyright Infringement: Original works of authorship, such as films, songs, novels, plays, musicals, video games, paintings, etc., are protected by copyright. 

A work of authorship must be produced by an author and exhibit some degree of inventiveness in order to be protected by copyright. Unauthorized use of the original ideas and language of another vendor is known as copyright infringement.

How to Report Brand Infringement on Flipkart?

If you see any sellers selling products which belong to you, that is you have registered for that brand and the other seller is selling your brand product without taking brand approval from you or without your consent. 

If you encounter any listing that you believe infringes your trademark rights and if you are the intellectual property rights owner or an authorized agent, please report the case to us by creating a Seller Support ticket.

Before straight away raising an infringement claim you must verify that you purchased the below-mentioned documents.

Certificate & Authorisation Letter
  1. Registered Trademark Certificate (TMC) if you are the owner (Sample Document)
  2. Exclusive Brand Authorization Letter (BAL) if you are not the owner

If you have either of these two documents, then you can raise a ticket on the Flipkart dashboard and submit the given Infringement form.

Brand Infringement Form Flipkart

13624 129648313624

Cancel submit the details then Flipkart’s Intellectual Property and Infringement Verification Team will conduct a thorough investigation of your claim and take appropriate action. You will be notified by the same team on the final action.

How to report Image/Copyright/Design Infringement on Flipkart?

Image infringement happens when a seller uses catalog images of another seller from the website.

Flipkart has put in place an Infringement Verification process so that intellectual property owners could easily report listings that infringe their rights.


NOTE: It is mandatory that the Intellectual Property right owner or authorized agent provide the following details/documents:

If you have a good faith that your IP right has been infringed by any of our sellers, you may provide us the below docs to verify the same.

  1. Original FSN or URL
  2. Infringed FSN or URL
  3. Filled Infringement form
  4. Raw Images
10068 81116910068

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